Use of colour Reasons to Use Color:

1. Use color to speed visual search

2. Use color to improve object recognition

3. Use color to enhance meaning

4. Use color to convey structure

5. Use color to establish identity

6. Use color for symbolism

7. Use color to improve usability

8. Use color to communicate mood

9. Use color to show associations

10. Use color to express metaphors

RGB and CMYK colour.

RGB uses light

CMYK produces a more ‘dull’ effect to colour.


Obviously with colour you have the colour wheel which represents the warmth or cold feelings one gets for example red in our culture represents danger and therefore you see it one stop signs warning signs as a warning.

Saturation, is the vibrance that the image, saturation is mixed with grey however you can mix saturation with all sorts of colour to give a different hue.

Value, is how much black is used, depending on how much black is used in the colour will depend the value

Shade, is a colour you mix with black


Digitally a colour is produced using a binary combination, red is 0011010 which is an 8 bit,

1-bit gives you two colours

4-bit is 16

8-bit is really common and is 256

24-bit “millions of colours”/true colour 16, 772, 216 colours.

Natural colours are used o represent the colours of the earth, these are very neutral and highly benefitial for my intended image.

As you can see colour is very influential in influencing many factors of visual communication. For example associating colours with moods of feelings, this makes me consider altering the mood of my own image to represent death connotations of blood red will be helpful in this to create a darker mood of effect.

For my image i think that utilising a light sun background to a darker foreground with dead bones will verbally communicate my message better. This will also provide structure to my image, whilst drawing focus to specific areas mainly the lines of thirds being the target.

From the research i have found i would have to agree with the reasons to use colour, without ocular we simply wouldn’t be able to convey the messages we intend to it would de value the meaning of a object. Colour is a powerful tool used clearly in these ten stated examples. Colour is essential.

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